Today’s message happens to be one that is not my own, but one that I have come across and felt it important enough to share with those whom I believe need to hear it. It is by Geilia Taylor and it reads as such:

“A good relationship is created by proper application of the suffix of the word: “ship”; i.e “to go somewhere.” Good relationships need 5 things.

They are 1. Purpose 2. Power 3. Productivity 4. Protection and 5. Peace.

A relationship must be going somewhere or doing something to add value to our lives otherwise there is no positive reason to maintain that connection. Anything in our lives that does not add will only subtract or distract”

Many people fail to realize that during your Road to Success, your travel companions have to have the same destination in mind as yourself or you may as well be traveling backwards. Although you are the driver on this trip, be sure that your passengers all have the correct road so you all can get to where you are going.

– Anthony B. Grant

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